MacBook Pro 13" first impressions

I succumbed. It might be the designer in me or it might be constant frustration in having a trough of computers that never, ever, work as intended (Windows 7 is pretty good though).

I bought a MacBook Pro 13”. The cheapest kind.

Unboxing, great. Installing, no? No installation needed? Add password to wLan and it’s updated and functioning already? Wow.

Migrating images and itunes library form pc to mac, this has got to cause problems.

iTunes… done. Worked first time. Synced with iPhone without a problem. Oh look, up pops iPhoto and it’s already categorized and sorted my images for me…

Well then, no more fuss I guess. Just a beatuiful responsive laptop to use. Guess this means I can get back to actually working on my computer instead of configuring it continuously…